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Vandals destroy American Flag

Monday, 09 January 2017 08:00 Written by 
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Sometime last Thursday evening, Estorga’s flag which is proudly displayed near his door was torn down, drug to the corner of Chittenden and Brokaw avenues and ripped into several pieces.
“I got to work Friday at 8 a.m. and noticed it on the corner,” Estorga said. “Other times they have knocked it down but this time it was worse.”
Over the past nine years, since Estorga has been in business he has flown the American flag every day.
“After the first couple of times they knocked it down I put the pole higher. It even has a light over it,’ he added.
Estorga moved the pole to 12 feet high and said he thought that would solve the problem. However, last week vandals did much more damage.
“I have the flag up to honor my country and all veterans,” Estorga noted. “It makes me mad that they disrespect the flag. I don’t know who would so something like that.”
Estorga said the last three times they have knocked it down he has had Vince Banales and the VFW properly dispose of it. This time he will do the same. He also added that just last month around Veteran’s Day, Banales brought him a new flag and told him when the weather gets better to display it.
Estorga said he’s going to hang that new flag up as soon as he gets security cameras. He’s intent on keeping it from happening again and the recent events aren’t going to stop him from displaying his country’s flag. He also would like to catch the people responsible..



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