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Jeanette Todd

Jeanette Todd

Publisher and Editor of the Corcoran Journal

The city council once again peered into the future during last week’s regular meeting, receiving a glimpse of a desperate budget scenario. Absent some form of action, the city’s general fund will continue to decline over the next five years, resulting in $1 million in red ink by fiscal year 2021-2022.

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Friday, 17 February 2017 08:00

Corcoran honors top citizens

The community gathered to celebrate its top citizens of 2016 last week during the annual Corcoran Chamber of Commerce banquet. Earning the honors were Karli Toone, Diane Gomez and Steve Brown. Before those three were introduced, however, the Corcoran Lions Club was showcased as Corcoran’s organization of the year.

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Corcoran High School students are learning to build the video games they spend so much time playing. With the video game business being a multi-billion dollar industry, it goes without saying that video games are no longer simply hobby. Today at CHS, students are being taught how to design, code and review video games.

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