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Jeanette Todd

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Corcoran honors top citizens

Corcoran honors top citizens


The community gathered to celebrate its top citizens of 2016 last week during the annual Corcoran Chamber of Commerce banquet. Earning the honors were Karli Toone, Diane Gomez and Steve Brown. Before those three were introduced, however, the Corcoran Lions Club was showcased as Corcoran’s organization of the year.

City to move forward with sales tax increase

The city council once again peered into the future during last week’s regular meeting, receiving a glimpse of a desperate budget scenario. Absent some form of action, the city’s general fund will continue to decline over the next five years, resulting in $1 million in red ink by fiscal year 2021-2022.

Syra speaks to legislators

Syra speaks to legislators

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A local veteran is making his voice heard in Washington, D.C. regarding a controversial bill that allows American victims of terrorism to sue state sponsors of terror. The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act—or JASPA—was passed in September.

City finalizes HSR land deal

The City of Corcoran and the California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) have finalized a land deal that will deliver the city $630,000. In exchange, the authority gains parcels and rights of way it needs to complete its Fresno to Bakersfield portion of track.

Students learn how to build video games

Corcoran High School students are learning to build the video games they spend so much time playing. With the video game business being a multi-billion dollar industry, it goes without saying that video games are no longer simply hobby. Today at CHS, students are being taught how to design, code and review video games.

CNN reports on Pill Glide

CNN has featured a report on a medical aid invented by a local pharmacist.
Pill Glide—a spray that makes it easier to swallow pills—was brought to the market by Corcoran’s Jerry Robertson. It is now being marketed by FlavorX, which provided the spray for a trial that was reported on in the journal Pediatrics.

Two running for school board

Two running for school board


Four incumbents are up for reelection to the Corcoran Unified School District’s board of trustees in November. However, three are unopposed in the election and will be reappointed to their area seats. They include Karen Frey, Bob Toney and Patty Robertson. In Area 2, Trustee Mary Wadsworth is being challenged by newcomer Sam Ramirez. Those two candidates are highlighted this week.
In upcoming weeks, The Journal will report on the many ballot measures on the November ballot.

Kassner seeks city seat

Kassner seeks city seat


A total of six candidates are vying for voter approval as they seek a pair of openings on the local city council in the Nov. 8 general election. The Journal has presented profiles of five of those individuals and this week finishes the field with an interview with Karl Kassner.
Next week, the newspaper will focus on the school board election, in which incumbent Mary Wadsworth will face challenger Sam Ramirez in the Area 2 race.

Drug war under attack

Speaking to the Rotary Club Thursday, Gary Cramer, deputy chief of the local police department, talked about the proposed merger of the Kings County gang task force with the county’s narcotics task force. Cramer currently heads both multi-agency units.

Water rate hearing

Local municipal water users have until Tuesday, Sept. 27, to protest proposed modifications in city water rates. Rates are expected to decrease for some users, while dramatically increasing for others.

Support for Measure K

Public safety appears to be under siege lately, with budget cutbacks and changes in criminal accountability forming a perfect storm to make the job even more difficult. Law enforcement and fire officials across Kings County hope Measure K will help them provide the basic safety measures residents should be able to expect.

Cryer seeks city council seat

Six candidates are seeking a total of two seats in the upcoming city council election. This week, The Journal provides a profile of Clarence Cryer, one of those candidates. The newspaper has already presented information on four of the candidates: Pat Nolan, Shea DeVaney, Debra Kwast and Jeanette Zamora. Also running for the office is Karl Kassner.
In upcoming weeks, The Journal will spotlight the two candidates for the Area 2 school board seat—incumbent Mary Wadsworth and her challenger, Sam Ramirez.


Nolen, DeVaney seek city seats

Nolen, DeVaney seek city seats


Six candidates are seeking a total of two seats open in the November city council election. This week and in upcoming weeks, The Journal will provide a closer look at the three men and three women running for the four-year terms. This week, Shea DeVaney and Pat Nolan are profiled.