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Note: For just the third time in 100 years, the Bliss House has been sold. Alvin Odle purchased the Bliss estate in 1967, then sold the house and 20 acres to his son, Bill Odle, 10 years later. Bill and Donna Odle recently moved to Oregon and sold the home before leaving. Here’s what has happened to the property in the intervening years.

After Bill purchased the property, he and wife, Donna, did decide to make it their home. They were happy to have a house with character, and they liked the idea of having the acreage.
The move would not be swift, however. The house was hardly habitable in its then-current shape. Instead, Bill spent the next year making renovations.
The floors were removed, as were several walls, with Donna noting that the house may have had 14 rooms, but they were all quite small. The bedrooms also had no closets, since most clothing was stored in wardrobes, dressers and chests when the house was first built.
Making it livable for the family, which included two young sons, also meant upgrading bathrooms and the almost non-existent kitchen. The paneling was removed because it made the interior so dark (another relative took it and used it in her own home, so it was not lost).
The acreage to the south of the house was fenced and made into a pasture. The access to the property was paved and the couple added a functional pantry and created a formal dining room.
The outside was treated with a layer of stucco to add to the insulation and the character can most be seen today when viewing the windows, many of which were saved. Since the original windows kept the house cold in the winter and hot in the summer, and extra pane of glass was added to the outside. The home also got new heating and air conditioning.
It no longer looks like a castle, but those who remember the original building can still see its footprint.

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