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Cello recital featuring Michael McClane

News Archives | 0 comments

Written by Tina Botill


The Thursday Club of Corcoran will present a Summer Evening of Bach Suites, a cello recital featuring Michael McClane. The musical event will be held Saturday, June 13 at 5 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church. Donations are welcome but not required.

McClane is a full time teacher in Merced. He holds a Master’s Degree from CSUF with an emphasis in Cello Performance. He is a member of the Mariposa Symphony Orchestra and has played in both the Fresno and Tulare Philharmonic Orchestras.


McClane has been musical since the age of seven when he began taking piano lessons. Several years later he was playing the cornet and several years after that he was playing the tuba.


After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in music, McClane wanted to study the cello. He did so with Ira Lehn at the University of the Pacific and in 2004 he entered into the master’s program at CSUF. He completed his master’s in 2006.


Since then, McClane has traveled the world to perform including several cello recitals in Brazil and Perugia and Rome, Italy.


For more information on the recital contact any Thursday Club of Corcoran member.


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