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Sep 12, 2016 | Featured News | 0 comments

Cemetery improvements: new expansion, cremation mound

Featured News | 0 comments

Written by Jeanette Todd

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Changes are underway at the local cemetery and will benefit local residents in upcoming months.

Several new projects are moving forward, including construction of a cremation burial mound that will expand the facility’s ability to accommodate cremation services. The landscaped mound is located at the northeast section of the cemetery and has been under construction for several months. Landscaping will be added to the site to complete the work.
The cremation mound is in addition to two new columbariums that have recently been added to the cemetery. Those units provide niches for cremated remains. Under the direction of Manager Don Butler, that area will also see some new design additions.
Cemetery staff is completing a new canopy to provide additional shade and cover for services in inclement weather. The new canopy will be added to the one currently in service at the site.
In coming weeks, staff will be removing oleanders on the east side of the cemetery, providing additional space for burials. A new fence will be put in place to mark the eastern border.
Landscape changes are planned to improve aesthetics at the cemetery, while saving water. The grass strip on the south side of the fence will be removed and replaced with appropriate landscaping. Additional benches, which are purchased as memorial pieces by families, will be added, as will selective statuary. Such additions must meet approval of the cemetery management and board of directors.
The cemetery has begun a policy of allowing volunteers to help at the facility. Recently, families have helped place headstones for loves ones and even helped bury some family members. Volunteers have provided other services as well, including landscape maintenance. There is no reduction in price for those who want to help, since cemetery staff must be present to oversee the work.
“We appreciate all the help we receive and we welcome the public to participate,” said Butler.
Anyone wishing to donate time can contact Butler at 992-3209.

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