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The Corcoran High School senior class earned nearly $250,000 worth of scholarships, which were awarded during last week’s Senior Awards Assembly. The assembly was held last Wednesday in the Gerald Schwenk Auditorium. Scholarships as well as awards were given.

Scholarships and award winners are as follows:
–American Legion: $250: Julie Davila.
–Brandon McBride Memorial Scholarship: $500 each: Alberto Fuentes Martinez, Carl Inac, Dulce Beas, Roxana Lule.
–The Comcast Foundation: $1,000: Morgan Meik.
–Corcoran FFA: $1,000: Isabel Salcedo; $500 each: Sidnee Mowdy and Emma Hemans.
–The Real Holquin Scholarship: $500: Demi Martinez.
–Ken Devaney Memorial: $250: Jullisa Lopez.
–Thomsen Scholarship Fund with Priority for Learning Disability-Special Education: $2,500: Dulce Beas and Loretta Strickland..
–Corcoran Rotary Vocational Club: $500 each: Sabrina Diaz and Angelica Barrera.
–Kings County School Board Association: $300 each: Morgan Meik and Dulce Beas.
–Jason Rowland Gomez Memorial Scholarship: $500 each: Dulce Beas and Carl Inac.
–Corcoran Faculty Association: $1,000 each: Isabel Salcedo and Julie Davila.
–Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6358: $400: Moises Arroyo.
–Corcoran Spirit Award: $150: Rudy Barrera.
–FBLA: $500 each: Morgan Meik, Dulce Beas, Roxana Lule and Mikayla Conley.
–Mel Waters Memorial: $250: LeeAnn Chavez.
–Mexican American Golf Association: $700: Ana Ortiz.
–Manuel E. and Dario E. Lerma Memorial: $500 each: Jacqueline Lomeli and Jessica Juarez.
–Corcoran Community Foundation for West Hills College: $500: Demi Martinez and LeeAnn Chavez.
–Corcoran PAL: $1,000 each: Ernesto Oregel and Carl Inac.
–Thursday Club: $750: Sabrina Diaz.
–Cost Less Foods: $250 each: Daniella Arredondo and Demarie Marin.
–Pizza Factory: $250 each: Legary Austin and Elena Munoz.
–Student Voice: $200: Kimberly Lopez; $100: Sabrina Oregel.
–CSEA: $300: Isabel Salcedo.
–FAST Credit Union: $300: Rodolfo Gaytan.
–Kings County Council of Mexican-American Women: $700: Ana Ortiz.
–Fresno Pacific University President’s Scholarship: Full Ride: Jonathan Matson.
–Col. J.G. Boswell Scholarship: Full Ride: Morgan Meik and Julia Davila.
–Kaweah Chapters Daughters of the American Revolution: $100: Stephanie Corona.
–Carl H. Froehlich Memorial Scholarship: $2,000: Carl Inac; $500 each: Jacqueline Lomeli, Roxana Lule and Dulce Beas.
–Kings County Academic Decathlon Scholarship: $500: Morgan Meik.
–Kings Farm Bureau Association: $1,000: Isabel Salcedo.
–Kiwanis Club of Corcoran: $500 each: Simran Dulai, Carl Inac, Jacqueline Lomeli and Pedro Peres.
–Knights of Columbus: $250: Carl Inac.
–Martha Schwenk Memorial: $500 each: Simran Dulai and Roxana Lule.
–National Peace Officers Association: $500: Hailey Martinez.
–Paul Paredes Memorial: $1,000 each: Jessica Juarez and Stephanie Beas Nunez.
–Jackie Winkler Memorial: $1,000: Ana Ortiz.
–PG&E Latino Employee Resource Group Scholarship: $1,000 each: Julia Davila and Dulce Beas.
–2016 Ruiz for Kids Scholarship: $1,000 each: Emily Aguirre, Simran Dulai, Jessica Juarez, Loretta Strickland and Jacqueline Lomeli.
–Travis Dignan Athletic Scholarship: $1,000 each: Jullisa Lopez and Isabel Solorzano.
–West Hills Community College General Scholarship: $200: Jacqueline Rojas.
–UC Santa Barbara: $16,000: Stephanie Beas Nunez.
–UC Irvine Chancellors Scholarship: $6,400: Jessica Juarez.

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