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Ciao Cow Creamery

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Written by Tina Botill


Corcoran residents meet your neighbors: Ciao Cow Creamery in Waukena. The buzz on the creamery is their gelato is out of this world!

Ciao Cow Creamery is owned by Tessa and Stuart Hall, who have a passion for dairy products as they have spent much time and energy running Tessa’s family’s century-old dairy farm. The Curti Family has been neighbors to Corcoran for 105 years and have been located in the same place for the last century.
Tessa and Stuart have dreamed of producing a premium quality dairy product to sell and connect to the consumer. Tessa is a fourth-generation dairy farmer, born and raised on her family’s dairy. She married Stuart, a dairy veterinarian from England and together they share a mutual love of agriculture, travel and great food. Immersed in Tessa’s family’s Italian roots, gelato was the natural way to express their love of dairy with a nod to the family heritage that they treasure. Through her education and travels, Tessa has spent much time in Italy, reconnecting with her Italian family and friends and enjoying the Italian way of appreciating good food, says their website: ciaocowcreamery.
Tessa and Stuart are proud of the fact that Ciao Cow gelato began in small batches in their kitchen, being made from scratch with fresh ingredients. They began experimenting and are always trying new flavors. There are no pre-packaged bases in their recipes. It’s the age-old Italian traditions that result in a delicious gelato. Stuart gifted Tessa a class with her mentor, Maria, who taught Tessa the traditional Italian way of making gelato. Making gelato is a science, the couple agrees.
What is gelato and how is it different from American ice cream? Gelato has less butterfat than ice cream and less air. The technique is different as well with temperatures being a bit higher than ice cream so gelato has a more intense flavor and softer texture. Tessa adds that customers get more product per pint and less air than regular ice cream.
They also use nothing but fresh California ingredients in their flavors, said Tessa.
“We make our base from scratch. We use locally grown nuts like Pistachios,” she said.
The flavors available, which can be purchased form their website, will change as the fresh produce season changes. They currently have a blood orange flavor which is delicious and are working on a Meyer lemon gelato.  Italian chocolate hazelnut will always be offered they said. They don’t use any imitation flavoring so the flavor is rich and delicious. Americans would recognize the gelato and a Nutella flavor. Their Milk and Cookies gelato which they partner with Dana’s Cookies for is also popular as well as their Salted Caramel. Tessa also wants residents to know their sorbets are dairy-free for those who are looking for non-dairy desserts.
Looking to book their Gelato cart for your next event—birthday, wedding or office party? Contact the couple on their website or on Facebook. They will be happy to come to your event and provide their gelato for your guests. Want to place an order for delivery. Ciao Cow Creamery is now offering delivery to Corcoran. Simply place your order on their website and they will contact you with delivery details. Ciao Cow Creamery is hoping to soon have gelato available locally once Lake Bottom Brewery is open for business. They also offer delivery to Visalia and Tulare (within city limits). They also look forward to bringing their gelato cart to Corcoran’s Farmer’s market once the season starts in April.
Check their website for sales and items for Valentine’s Day. There will be Popsicles available in two sizes. The pops are any flavor gelatos dipped in milk chocolate or dark chocolate. The popsicles are individually wrapped and make great gifts.
Tessa is happy to have such a connection with her customers and especially her neighbors in Corcoran.
“My family has a long tradition of doing business in Corcoran–our family history includes helping to build the Corcoran Catholic Church,” Tessa said. “We love all the local support. The Corcoran community has been great.”
To learn more about the gelato, or to place an order visit their website www.ciaocowcreamery, or like them on Facebook.

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