1040 Whitley Ave., Corcoran CA 93212   |   Phone: (559) 992-3115

As a reminder to local residents the City of Corcoran has closed the front lobby at City Hall in order to limit exposure to and prevent the unintended transfer of COVID-19 (coronavirus). The closure will continue until further notice.
However, the closure of the City Hall front lobby will not affect the day-to-day operations of the City and is only a precautionary measure carried out with the health and safety of the public in mind.
With business continuing city staff can be contacted regarding utility payments, home loan payments, public records requests, code enforcement, and building inspections and permits.
Contact information is as follows:

–Utility Payments (water, sewer, trash) may be made via: credit card at www.cityofcorcoran.com, check or money order in the drop box on the right side of the entrance door, request appointment 559-992-2151 ext. 221.
–Requests to Begin or Suspend Utility Services: request appointment 559-992-2151 ext. 221.
–Payments of home loans may be made via: check or money order in the drop box on the right side of the entrance door, request appointment 559-992-2151 ext. 221.
–Planning application submittals: please call 559-992-2151 ext. 232 or ext. 225 for appointment.
–Public records request or to submit a claim: request an appointment by calling 559-992-2151 ext. 235, or email marlene.spain@cityofcorcoran.com.
–Code Enforcement: to report a code violation, please call 559-992-2151 ext. 700, to speak with the Code Enforcement Officer: 559-992-2151 ext. 227, to speak with the Building Official: 559-992-2151 ext. 232.
–Housing/City Loans: please call for an appointment 559-992-2151 ext. 225 or ext. 232.
–Transit: transit will continue its operations. For latest information or service please call 559-992-2177.
–Building Inspections: Building Inspections will continue on Tuesday and Thursday. Please call the inspection line 559-992-2151 ext. 600.
–Building Permit Applications and Plan Check Submittals: Simple (no plans) Building Permit Application Submittals. Use our drop-box or mail the documents to: 832 Whitley Avenue, Corcoran, CA 93212. Once the permit has been processed, the City will notify the applicant of the building fee. Payments are by check or money order and can be mailed or dropped off. For permit pick-up and plan submittal, please call the City to schedule an appointment. Permit application submittal with plans submit two (2) sets of plans and all documents by mail to 832 Whitley Avenue Corcoran CA. 93212. Please submit a third set of plans and documents by e-mail to: josephine.lindsay@cityofcorcoran.com or mail the third set on a flash drive.
Contact information for City Hall for the following services:
–Community Development Director/Planner/Building Office: 559-992-2151 ext. 232 or email kevin.tromborg@cityofcorcoran.com.
–Community Development, Permit Technician, Housing: 559-992-2151 ext. 225.
–Building Inspector/Code Enforcement: 559-992-2151 ext. 227.
–Building Inspection Requests: 559-992-2151 ext. 600.
–Code Enforcement Complaints: 559-992-2151 ext. 700 or email mitchell.couch(@)cityofcorcoran.com.
–Finance Director: 559-992-2151 ext. 268 or email soledad.ruiz-nunez@cityofcorcoran.com.
–City Clerk: 559-992-2151 ext. 235 or email marlene.spain@cityofcorcoran.com.
–City Manager: 559-992-2151 ext. 228 or email kindon.meik@cityofcorcoran.com.

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