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The City of Corcoran and the California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) have finalized a land deal that will deliver the city $630,000. In exchange, the authority gains parcels and rights of way it needs to complete its Fresno to Bakersfield portion of track.

The parcels are all located between Waukena Road and Orange Ave.
The city has been in negotiations with the rail authority since April of 2015, said City Manager Dr. Kindon Meik in a report to the city council last week. Those negotiations were recently completed.
Dr. Meik said the price tag includes sales of the identified properties as well as associated damages. One of the properties is currently occupied by a metal building.
Some of the funds will be used to replace that structure. The water department, which has its water treatment plant very near the property being sold, will also benefit from some of the funds. Dr. Meik did not indicate how much will go to those two areas or where the remainder of the funds will find their way into the budget.

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