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Corcoran residents have had three refuse cans for several years. However, it appears the blue cans—those used for recycling—are not getting the attention they need.


Tule Trash, the city’s refuse company, is taking this opportunity to remind local customers that recycling is essential. The company has also provided a guide indicating what items may not be placed into the blue recycle can.


It is important to keep regular refuse separate from the recycling to help reduce contamination of the cans. Follow these tips for the blue cans:


–Aluminum and tin cans and aluminum foil are all okay.


–Clean and flattened cardboard goes into the blue bin.


–Cereal and show boxes are fine, as are paper bags.


–Glass and plastic containers go in the blue can.


–Junk mail, catalogs, magazines and newspapers can all be placed in the blue can. Phone books can also go in the same container.


The following items go into the black refuse can:


–Ceramic, mirror and plate glass;


–Incandescent light bulbs;


–Food, take-out boxes, soiled pizza boxes;


–Milk and juice cartons, soup boxes;


–Napkins, tissues, straws and plastic tissues;


–Plastic bags, styrofoam and plastic film.


Household hazardous waste goes directly to the Kings Waste and Recycling Authority. Household hazardous waste—which cannot go into the garbage cans—includes fluorescent light bulbs, electronics, batteries (home and car), antifreeze, latex paint and motor oil an/or used filters. The landfill is located at 7803 Hanford-Armona Road.






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