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Just in time for the weather warm-up, the City of Corcoran has loosened its outdoor watering schedule. With council approval of a new resolution last week, residents and other users can begin watering outside landscaping two times per week.

City Manager Kindon Meik recommended the change, noting that mandate state water conservation regulations are still in place, the city has seen the State Water Resources Control Board approve a little less onerous conservation rate from Corcoran following the El Nino winter. With snow on the ground in the Central Sierras, the city now needs to achieve a 32 percent savings rate, as opposed to last year’s 36 percent.
Corcoran actually was able to achieve an overall 30.8 percent savings in water use during the past year, far greater than another other Kings County city.
The new watering schedule takes place immediately. The schedule is as follows:
–Residential and commercial properties, with addresses ending in even numbers, Wednesday and Sunday;
–Residential and commercial properties with addresses ending in odd numbers, Tuesday and Saturday;
–Schools, Thursday and Sunday or by agreement with the city;
–Parks, Monday and Friday or by agreement with the city;
–Churches, Monday and Friday; and
–Multi-family residential complexes, Tuesday and Saturday.
Watering must take place before 9 a.m. and after 6 p.m. Residents found watering on an incorrect schedule, watering at the wrong time or wasting water can be ticketed by the city.

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