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It may seem like it’s taking a long time to complete the city’s newest water well. It is. And don’t expect completion of the project anytime soon.

The city is just finishing phase one of the well project, which has included drilling down to 1,800 feet. Cost thus far has reached about $730,000. And that really does not include much of the infrastructure to make it a true working well. It does include the casing and bailing of water to check for contaminants. This phase will make sure there is quality water at the well site.


The city will also begin amassing an e-log, a chart showing at what depths good water can be found; and from which depths to draw the water. The casing includes splits, or little louvres, that can open and close at various depths. Thus, water can be pulled from 900 feet if quality water is found at that depth. A series of louvres will be placed along the well casing, noted Baldo Rodriguez, Corcoran’s interim public works director.


Also to be included in the second phase will be decisions on pump sizes and the design of pumps and the electronic controls. Connecting pipes will also be put in place.


Design should get underway in November and is expected to take about 60 days, said Rodriguez.


After that, the city will advertise for construction bids to begin completion of the selected design.


The process is not a quick one. While the contract may be approved by March, it could take up to 12 weeks to receive the necessary well equipment, with actual construction taking another two-to-three months. Still, with a potential El Nino expected to bring record rains this winter, that’s not considered to be a drought-buster and another, deeper city well in place by next June will help the city hedge its water bets.


The entire project is expected to cost approximately $2 million. Money to pay for the project will be taken from the city’s water capital fund.


The new well is going in place near the southwest corner of Waukena Road and State Route 137.


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