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Tardy Corcoran High School students could eventually lead to a closed campus at lunch for all CHS students during the lunch recess. The school’s principal, Antonia Stone, presented a proposal to the school board last week, flagging the freshman class for specific consideration at this time.

Stone said the school currently averages over 70 tardies after lunch. Three classes are left in the school day, with sixth, seventh and eighth periods following the break. That number has increased from about 40 at the beginning of the school year, a trend Stone said has been in place during her tenure at CHS, encompassing several years. That does not include the number of students who don’t return at all from the lunch hour. “I don’t mean students coming back late from lunch by a few minutes,” Stone said. “I am talking about students who return when sixth period is already half over, or during seventh period, of even eighth period.” She would prefer a completely closed campus at lunch, but such a move would strain current resources, she told the board. However, the staff can handle closing the campus for ninth graders, who she stated make up a large number of the late returns. Almost 60 percent of the school’s freshmen are offtrack for graduating with their class after the first semester of their freshman year. “The kids do not seem
to take this seriously and I have talked to them many time,” said Stone. “They have really forced my hand on this issue.” Stone said she thinks the proposal; will likely lead to dissent with students and with some parents who will not support the move. That could result in additional discipline measures during the transition for potential fence jumping and other infractions. However, staff will remain vigilant, which should quickly reduce such escapades. Her proposal would require all CHS students to carry their school identification cards with them at all times. Upper classmen will be carrying blue cards, while freshman cards will be red, representing “no go.” She said the expectation is to increase attendance and student academic success. The move will also send a message to upper classmen that attendance and timeliness are important and in the future those students could also lose their privilege of leaving campus for lunch. The board wanted to make sure Stone informed parents of the proposal. She said she will meet with parents in various settings, including at school site council meetings. She’s also hosting a Parent in the Know meeting each month. Next month’s session, scheduled for April 26  at 5 p.m. in the Technology Learning Center (TLC) building on campus will focus on attendance. All parents are welcome.

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