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CNN has featured a report on a medical aid invented by a local pharmacist.
Pill Glide—a spray that makes it easier to swallow pills—was brought to the market by Corcoran’s Jerry Robertson. It is now being marketed by FlavorX, which provided the spray for a trial that was reported on in the journal Pediatrics.

The trial included a small group of children between the ages of six and 17. The journal article reported that for years, pediatricians and parents have both tried to find ways to make swallowing pills easier for kids who have that difficulty. Robertson originally came up with the idea because his wife, Patty, has the same problem.
“There was a significant decrease in the difficulty of taking medicine with these sprays,” said Dr. Catherine Tuleu, a pharmaceuticals researcher at University College London, who conducted the research with colleagues at Great Ormond Street Hospital in the UK.
Pill Glide, which is available in Corcoran at Rite Aid, is sprayed into the mouth to lubricate and ad flavor to tablets and capsules to make them easier to swallow. It’s available in five flavors: strawberry, grape, peach, bubble gum and orange. Strawberry proved the favorite of the trial.
The team tried Pill Glide with 25 children who were receiving long-term therapies for HIV or organ transplant and who were transitioning from liquid medications to solids or were known to struggle with swallowing pills.
The children in the study were asked to keep diaries of their experiences and the level of difficulty they experienced when swallowing their pills. According to the study, the flavored sprays were found to decrease the level of difficulty by a score of 0.93, almost one full level on the scale used by the team.
“It’s another thing you can try,” said Dr. Robert Scott-Jupp in the CNN report. “A lot of children we see are taking pills because there is no liquid available. The children don’t like it and find it difficult.”
Pill Glide retailes for about $6 in the United States

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