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Col. J.G. Boswell Scholar: Martinez won scholarship in 2000; is Program Manager for Raytheon

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Written by Tina Botill

Col. J.G. Boswell Scholar Ed Martinez has worked for Raytheon for the past 16 years. Martinez won the Col. J.G. Boswell Scholarship in 2000 the year he graduated from Corcoran high School. While attending Corcoran High, Ed was a member of the baseball team, the Interact Club and was also on the Academic Decathlon team.

After graduation, Ed attended Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering in 2005. “While I was there, I was very involved in my engineering department, and won the award for best senior project. In my free time, I played a ton of racquetball and played classic Nintendo games with my roommates,” he said.Currently, Ed, 38, resides in Torrance with his wife, Cameron and works for Raytheon.

“While attending Cal Poly, I interned for Raytheon working in warehouse optimization. After I graduated, I went back to Raytheon as a full time employee and have been there for the past 16 years,” Ed added.

“I entered a rotational program that gave me hands-on experience in various roles and functions within Raytheon. Eventually, I settled as an Operations Engineer, and then became an Operations Manager. After about 10 years I finally got my dream job as a Program Manager.”As a program manager, Ed runs his own business under the Raytheon umbrella. Since he entered program management, his career really took off as he was able to excel at executing negotiations, financial management, engineering, manufacturing, and business growth. In 2019, he was promoted to the role of Program Director which is the role he is currently in now. “My business provides state-of-the-art radars to our customer base,” Martinez noted.Ed’s parents Cornelio (CHS Class of 1967) and Carlota Martinez are still happily married and reside in Corcoran.

Ed married his wife, Cameron Martinez in 2017 in San Luis Obispo. Cameron is a Product Designer working at Warner Bros. “Since the pandemic started, we’ve both been working from home almost full time and we still get along really well so that is a good sign,” Ed quipped. “We currently do not have any children, but plan on expanding our family soon. We have a dog named Taco who we adopted from the SPCA two years ago. He’s a tiny Chihuahua mix but has a huge heart and keeps us entertained all the time.

”Ed also finds time to do community work. He joined Big Brothers Big Sisters when he first moved to LA and made a lifelong friend with the kid he mentored. “It’s been 15 years, but we still hang out all the time,” Ed commented. “Additionally, I do volunteer work for Cal Poly. I am a member of the Cal Poly Industrial Engineering Advisory Board where I work with the amazing staff to help shape the curriculum of the department in regards to industry needs. I also occasionally give guest lectures and help students with senior projects.

”In his free time, Ed really enjoys spending time outdoors. “I love going on hikes, playing tennis, and playing softball. If I’m feeling like being indoors, I still enjoy playing video games–it’s been a lifelong passion–and am a very rare LA Clippers fan. I’ve had season tickets for the past five seasons, and even though they break my heart, I still watch every single game. Our fan base is small but passionate,” Ed remarked.

Ed said that winning the J.G. Boswell Scholarship impacted him in a very positive way. “It allowed me to go to my dream college that I would have struggled to afford otherwise. Even as a young kid, I was aware of the types of opportunities the Boswell Scholarship opened for prospective recipients. I was able to expose myself to brilliant students and faculty that allowed me to start my career with a great company. Being around all the great, hard-working people at Raytheon has inspired me to build a successful career and eventually be a role model to underrepresented people working in STEM,” Ed said. He added that anyone who wishes to be a future recipient of the scholarship the advice he would give centers around self-confidence.

“I remember graduating CHS in 2000 and during my first week at Cal Poly, I determined that everybody in all my classes was smarter and more prepared than me. I went into a tailspin going from star CHS student, to feeling like a below-average student at a good university,” Ed noted. “It wasn’t until I came back to Corcoran after my sophomore year of college for a summer job at a local farm. The hours were long, the work was difficult, and it was obviously very hot. After that experience, I started to gain self-confidence in my ability to out-work people to get to achieve my goals. At that point, I went back to being a star student that allowed me to eventually chase and achieve my career goals.”

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