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Corcoran Christmas Tree lighting and dedication

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Written by Tina Botill

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Each year, the Corcoran Christmas Tree Committee dedicates the community tree to a citizen or a group of citizens who have made the Corcoran community a better place. This year, the committee decided to dedicate the community tree to the American Veterans.

There is no better example of people who have made the community a better place than the veterans. When the call to duty came, they were there to serve and protect the freedoms that we all enjoy.


America’s veterans are some of our nation’s bravest, hardest-working men and women. However, it’s hard to show them the appreciation they deserve when, back home and out of uniform. In many ways they are more camouflaged than ever, the committee said in a press release.


The “Greenlight A Vet Program” is a national campaign to establish a visible national support for veterans.


“The program, which asks Americans to display a green light in their doorway as a symbol of hope and well-being is a simple way of saying thanks to our veterans for their service. The Christmas Tree Committee has joined that program by changing the top tier of our tree lighting to all green as a way of honoring our veterans. During this holiday season, when you see those green lights we are hopeful that you will think of our veterans and all that they have given,” said Curt Rowe, Christmas Tree Committee member.


To learn more about the Greenlight A Vet program visit their website at www.greenlightavet.com.




The website says to change one light to green in a visible location-on a porch, in a home, or at the office-and keep it glowing every day as a symbol of appreciation and support for veterans. Then, share the support by taking a picture of your green light and posting it using the hashtag #greenlightavet.


The website also explains the meaning of using the color green. Green is the color of hope, renewal and well-being. “Greenlight” is also a term commonly used to activate forward movement.


The simple action of changing one light to green is intended to spark a national conversation regarding the recognition of veterans, and “greenlight” them forward as valued members of our communities.


For more on the Corcoran Christmas Tree Committee and how this year’s tree was chosen visit their Facebook page.


The community tree comes from private property that is maintained by forestry professionals. Those professionals help the committee locate trees and approve the one that they end up harvesting. The committee is careful to be good stewards of the forest and work within approved guidelines.



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