1040 Whitley Ave., Corcoran CA 93212   |   Phone: (559) 992-3115

Jennie Castaneda from Corcoran Hardware joined the Corcoran Rotary Club for Lunch Thursday as the latest Business to Business participant.
She outlined the history of the local store, which had been in place for many years on Whitley Ave. at the corner of Chittenden Ave. The store has been at its present location on Chittenden Ave. for many years, replacing Bartlett Appliance.
Castaneda explained that the store principally provides plumbing and paint supplies, but also carries a variety of household items, as well as appliances. Most recently, Corcoran Hardware has been carrying a new furniture line. The store also has a gift corner, with several decorator items and candles available. Spring gardening items and fertilizers can also be purchased at Corcoran Hardware.
Castaneda has been managing the store for many years and makes every attempt to stock items that are requested by customers.

If an item is not available, she will attempt to get it ordered. Corcoran Hardware is a True Value hardware carrier and has plenty of different sale items per month, she noted.
Ownership of the hardware store supports local organizations and churches. In addition to her own business, Castaneda said she likes all Corcoran restaurants.
“My favorite businesses in town are those that sell any kind of food,” she quipped, The hardware store has business hours on Saturday to take care of weekend customers.
“I love my weekend customers. They are always working on projects, so we stay open all day to help them with their needs,” noted Castaneda.

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