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Mar 22, 2022 | Featured News | 0 comments

Corcoran Memorial Wall honorees chosen

Featured News | 0 comments

Written by Tina Botill


Plans are currently underway to hold an unveiling ceremony for the Corcoran Memorial Wall which was created to honor deceased members of the Corcoran community for their contributions to the city.

The wall is located on the grounds of the J.G. Boswell II Park near the swimming pool.

“The Corcoran Community Foundation has established a Memorial Wall as a way to honor individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to the City of Corcoran.  So many outstanding people have put themselves aside and worked on behalf of our community development. They have assisted, encouraged, and promoted Corcoran in ways that are a testament to what a varied populace can accomplish.  We are grateful to all who have worked to make Corcoran a better place,” said Mary Wadsworth., President of the Corcoran Community Foundation.

The Corcoran Community Foundation provides the funding for the plaques. The selection of the honorees is decided upon by a committee of local residents who are involved in various clubs and organizations.

The committee is comprised of six individuals who developed an application and a selection process.   In that process, fifty percent of the decision is based on an unbiased point system that measures the aspects of the applicant’s involvement and time-served (outside of their workplace), as a volunteer throughout the many clubs, organizations, and boards; leadership roles they assumed; and veteran status.  The other fifty percent is based on committee discussion and evaluation of the overall significance of impact on the Corcoran community as a whole. 

This year the committee chose to honor four individuals who will be the recipients of a plaque which will hang on the Memorial Wall in their honor.

“The Memorial Wall Committee, an ad hoc committee of the Corcoran Community Foundation, has announced the new Memorial Wall honorees.  The 2022 plaque recipients are Gary Dean LeMay, Shirley Rosprim, Raymond Lerma, and H.C. “Bus” Rosprim.  These individuals volunteered endlessly through clubs, leadership positions, volunteering, and/or honorary recognition in service to our community.  Their contributions, on many levels, have provided a lasting impact on our citizenry.  A celebratory, unveiling ceremony, that has not been previously possible due to Covid-19 restrictions, will be announced in the coming months,” added Wadsworth.

Past Memorial Wall honorees include William and Kate Boswell, J.G. and Rosalind Boswell, Donald Gilkey, Gladys Elliot, Bill Kemble, Albert Kessler, Joan Hansen and Darrell Frey. Memorial Wall applications for nominations are accepted in the fall.

Corcoran Memorial Wall

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