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In a meeting last Thursday at the White House, Congressman Jim Costa urged President Barack Obama to increase his commitment to resolving the water crisis that is devastating the San Joaquin Valley.

“Once again, I delivered our Valley’s message directly to the President. Together, we can overcome this water crisis. But to do so, the Administration must increase our supply of water, and step up their commitment to our farmers, families and workers,” stated Costa.

He added that people across the Central Valley are hurting and their livelihoods are at stake. As farmland continues to be fallowed and record levels of people remain out of work, Costa said he again invited the President to visit the 20th Congressional District to see firsthand to terrible impact water restrictions have had on the Valley.

“The Administration can and must provide relief to the people who are suffering under the effects of a drought and years of misguided water regulations. The economic viability and wellbeing of our country is directly tied to a healthy Valley economy. A failure to increase the Valley’s water supply will limit our region’s ability to put food on our nation’s dinner tables and hire workers,” noted Costa.

The Congressman added that he appreciated the President’s time and willingness to speak about the issues facing the district, adding that increasing the Valley’s water supply will create jobs and opportunity, two goals the President that the President said he shares with Costa as they work to lead the country to a new period of economic growth and security.

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