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The Corcoran city council has officially endorsed Measure A, a one-cent sales tax initiative that will go before the voters June 6.

The measure was approved by the council to help bolster its depleting general fund. That action took place a few months ago, but the council at that time did not approve endorsing its own measure.
Last week’s step by the council provides authorization for the council members and staff to use their names and titles in support of Measure A as city representatives.
The city hopes to raise between $1 million and $1.2 million a year for its general fund should voters approve the new tax. The money would be used for costs associated with critical city services, such as police services, fire services, parks improvements and maintenance, keeping the community pool open and streets and sidewalk improvements and maintenance.
The city has also seen a huge increase in the amount of money it is required to pay into the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS). The state has failed to meet its investment goals on monies in the PERS pool, so has shifted the need for additional funds back to cities and counties.
During the current fiscal year, the city was required to pay $350,000 into PERS, and that amount will increase over the next few years, topping out at well over $600,000 in one year. After that, the amount is expected to taper down.
(Next week: Frequently asked questions about Measure A).

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