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Corcoran Unified School District has named its Star Students for the fourth and final quarter of the 2015-16 school year.  Students are recognized for a variety of reasons, including academic improvement, behavioral changes and outstanding citizenship. One student from each local school site is selected each quarter.

By Donnetta Murray
Angel Olvera Lopez is a kindergarten student at Bret Harte School. His teacher, Ms. Yamashita, says that even though Angel is legally blind, he doesn’t let that stop him from doing whatever other students are during. He answers questions, uses the Promethean Board to learn, as well as the computers and iPads. He uses centers and manipulatives and walks around the classroom and school independently and confidently. He always has a smile for everyone and a lot of curiosity! Principal Mendoza says Angel spreads happiness all over campus on a daily basis and is known for his radiant smile, his energetic dancing and his boisterous singing. The influence he has had on students and staff is truly remarkable.
Fremont second grader Camila Orozco came from Mexico at the beginning of THIS school year. Her teacher Mrs. Hansen said she could tell Camila loved learning. Since her desk was near the phone, Mrs. Hansen assigned her the task of answering the phone. She always listens attentively to the caller and what the message is, and very accurately tells Mrs. Hansen the answers. This has helped her English so much and gave her the courage to speak up in class. Camila tested at Below Pre-Primer 1 on her Basic Reading Inventory and has improved to an Independent Grade 2! She scored 1.0 on her STAR test at the beginning of the year, and Mrs. Hansen predicts her next score to be higher than the 2.0 she got in February. She has become so good in technology that she often helps other students with their various tasks. She also helps them in reading and math. She puts a lot of thought in all her work and it is completed with exceptional neatness. Principal Ochoa says that Camila’s assertive approach for daily improvement and her positive attitude are traits that all people should emulate.
Ariana Vega has three fifth grade teachers. Mrs. Valdez said that Ariana constantly demonstrates perseverance, teamwork and a positive attitude in her classroom. She is responsible, reliable and ready to give any task her upmost best. She is simply a wonderful student all around. Ms. Ketner and Ms. Edginton admire her terrific attitude, willingess to help others and her great work ethic. They both agree that Ariana is a pleasure to have in the class. Principal Anderson congratulates Ariana for representing the Eagles by demonstrating what a great student and citizen should do every day.
John Muir Academic Coach Mrs. Fierro says she was Gabrielle Salgado’s third grade teacher. She excelled in all areas academically and was a natural class leader. At John Muir, she has continued to grow and excel. She is one of the most respectful young ladies at John Muir and Ms. Fierro cannot wait to see what amazing things she will do in high school and college. Three of Gabrielle’s teachers say that she has an incredible work ethic, outstanding citizenship, is a student of character, is curious about learning and a real joy in the class. Principal Mr. Whitmore says that Gabrielle is a well-rounded student who excels in academics as well as extra-curricular activities. She well deserves the recognition of STAR student.
CHS Junior Isaac Garza really impressed Learning Director Mr. Larkin when Mr. Larkin subbed for a teacher in an upper level math class where he had limited knowledge to help the students on a difficult project. As some students became frustrated, Isaac quietly stepped in to help them. Mr. Larkin was very impressed with Isaac’s steady and caring approach. Isaac, who carries a 3.0 GPA, is a key leader in the school’s JROTC program. He is currently the Cadet Squadron Deputy Commander, placing him second in command of a unit with a 103 cadet population. Lt. Col. Cardona says Isaac is widely respected by his peers and does an exceptional job at mentoring the lower classmen. He is also the unit’s Color Guard Commander. Principal Mrs. Stone noted that Isaac is nothing short of a superb student. While he has a very quiet demeanor, this really speaks to his humility. He is an exemplary leader with a very bright future ahead of him.
Kings Lake Education Center teacher Mr. Santos chose sixth grader Shianne Saenz as she has been an outstanding student in his classroom. He said she is always on time, ready to work and ignores negative behaviors that occur inside and outside of his classroom. She treats other students and staff with respect. Director Mr. Airheart added that Shianne has not missed a day of school since starting at Kings Lake. She has been a beacon of positivity for the campus, always smiling and interacts with others in a happy and caring way. He added that she gives it her best inside and outside of the classroom and he is proud to have her representing Kings Lake’s campus.

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