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CUSD dress code

Headlines | 0 comments

Written by Tina Botill


August is here and that means school is not far behind. For those who need a reminder, Corcoran Unified School District (CUSD) does enforce a uniform dress code in grades kindergarten through eight.

Students may wear school-sponsored clothing from other CUSD schools at the principal’s discretion. Anything that may be considered inappropriate, immodest or gang-related will be disallowed by the administration. Students who do not follow the dress code will need to acquire the proper items or they may face disciplinary action, including missing recess, detention or getting sent home. Attempts will be made to contact the home to bring replacement clothing. Here are some of the rules: –Colors and logos in grades K-5: Red and royal blue are not allowed, unless school-sponsored clothing. No images or words allowed on clothing. All other colors and patterns are allowed. –Grades 6-8 colors and logos: Any shade of blue, excluding denim blue jeans, is not permitted unless red and blue are both clearly visible on the shirt or sweater. In all grades, pro sports team logos are not allowed on clothing, keychain lanyard, backpacks, lunch bags or other items. –Shirts and undershirts: Students must wear collared shirts with sleeves unless wearing a school-sponsored shirt. No midriff or revealing shirts. Logos minimal and in grades 6-9 both red and blue must be visible on the same article of clothing. –Pants, shorts, Dresses/skirts: Students may not wear any clothing that is torn, worn, ripped, has holes or is rough-cut. Bike shorts, sweatpants, warm-ups, pajamas, hip-huggers, tight, form-fitting apparel are not allowed, Pants must not sag below the waist when fastened. Shorts or skirts must extend below the fingertips when arms are held relaxed at the sides. –Outerwear/jackets/hoodies: When wearing a jacket of any kind the student must still wear a collared shirt or approved school-sponsored t-shirt. Hoods must be down while student is inside.  A minimal amount of red or blue color may be allowed as accents, letters or logos. No pro sports team logos. Other rules also apply. Sunglasses are only allowed if prescription. No torn or fishnet socks or stockings. Belts must be appropriate size with plain buckles only. Hats are not allowed except for appropriate sun protection. There are rules regarding hair (color), piercings and tattoos. For a full list of the dress codes covering CUSD students, parents should consult their student handbook. Classes will get underway in Corcoran Monday, Aug. 14.

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