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In an effort to stem the rumors that have battered social media pages in recent weeks, the local school district has taken the exceptional step of responding to them. Corcoran Unified posted a “correct information” position sheet on its Facebook page; the same response appeared on the Corcoran High School Twitter account.

The high school is the target of the gossip, with shake-ups in the school’s ag department spilling into a torrent of speculation that other departments will follow. Here are some of the points made by the district, which states that “in light of some misinformation that has been circulated regarding Corcoran High School, the following questions and answers should quell rumors:”

–Fears have been expressed that CHS is getting rid of prom and cutting its sports programs. Both are false In fact, all activities and dances will continue with an emphasis that all students be involved. The district points out that a water polo team was actually added to the list of sports for CHS last year; additionally, coaching positions have been added to other sports.

–There is also no truth to the rumor that CHS is cutting theatre and music programs. The district said it is committed to building those programs and has added funding to the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) to cover teacher salaries and added positions.

–Apparently some have asked if the high school and district have not supported elective and career technical education programs. The district responded that CHS has added career pathways and is in the process of adjusting them to make them stronger for college and career preparation.

In addition, the district said it has invested tens of thousands of dollars in career tech education, including improvements in facilities and equipment throughout the district. In the last two years, the district said it had contributed $100,000 over and above its normal budget in facility improvements and costs in the ag farm over the past two years.

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