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The CUSD Board recently honored six students from the district who had outstanding achievements in the fourth quarter. They included:

Marco Flores, a kindergarten student at Bret Harte, is very considerate and always looking for ways to help others. He is the first one to help when things need to be done in the classroom. But most of all, he is known for his kindness to others. His teacher, Mrs. Ontiveros, says that once she observed Marco notice a classmate having difficulty getting on a swing. He stopped playing, then lifted the student up on the swing and proceeded to push his classmate before continuing to swing himself. She said it was humbling to see his selflessness and kindness. Principal Mendoza says he has proven to be an exceptional young man, who follows all the rules on a daily basis and is always polite with whomever he encounters.

Luis Vejar is a second grade student at Fremont. He has shown a commitment to academic excellence and positive behavior. He excelled in all of his exams, reading comprehension and writing composition. His teacher, Mrs. Lerma, says what separates Luis from most is the tenacity that he shows when preparing for exams and getting homework in on time. His AR scores are the highest in the class


and he enjoys reading all types of books on his own, too. Principal Ochoa says Luis is a hard worker who doesn’t sit back and revel in his success, but continues to push himself to grow and improve every day.



Hailey Torres has two fifth grade teachers at Mark Twain. Mrs. Daza says Hailey is a great student not only because of model behavior, but because she truly cares about her education. She is very conscious of the purpose of a lesson and makes great efforts to understand the concept or standards being taught. Plus she monitors her own learning and makes adjustments to her work after asking for further guidance. Mrs. Jones adds that Hailey always tries her hardest and helps hers classmates with things they don’t understand. Plus she always has a smile on her face. Principal Anderson noted Hailey likes her teachers because they are excellent educators and very nice. She would like to be a teacher when she graduates from college.





Alexi Ramos is a seventh grade John Muir student. His teacher, Mrs. Green, said there were six main reasons she selected him for the honor: he always comes to class with a huge smile on his face; he is very organized; he is kind; he is caring; he is a team player; and, he is motivated. She said he never settles for anything less than his BEST effort and tries really hard to set himself up for success. He comes to class prepared and ready to learn. He is always willing to be helpful in class with his classmates. Principal Spencer added that Alexi is a great example of how to be a successful student. He is an ELD student who works very hard to learn the English language and master Academic English. He follows rules and is cooperative. He is a great student and a great person.




Freshman Joe Romero has accomplished a lot in his first year at Corcoran High School, both on the athletic fields and in the classroom. He has maintained a 4.0 GPA and is part of the Ag Academy where he is exceeding the academy’s expectations. Joe is on an A-G track and meeting college entrance requirements. He is known to be a very respectable young man and a dedicated student athlete in the sports of Cross Country, Track & Field and Wrestling. He helped the first two sports win league, but it is Wrestling where he has made his mark by placing first in many invitations and being voted Outstanding Wrestler in two of them. He was one of only two freshmen in California who made State and has a streak of 20 wins. Principal Stone added he is a good student and dedicated athlete and CHS looks forward to seeing what great things he will accomplish in the next three years.



Kenny Piere is an eighth grade Kings Lake student. His teacher Mr. Kitson said that Kenny came with some problems that could have caused him to give up, but he didn’t! Instead he has been one of the hardest workers in the class and his attitude of wanting to learn everything he gets has drawn his teacher’s admiration. Mr. Kitson gives him rigorous and challenging work, but Kenny does not shrink from the challenge. He is always respectful to his teacher and staff…always! He is a leader in class in a positive way and proves to be helpful and respectful to other students. Director Airheart says that one of Kenny’s greatest qualities is respecting others, as well as his strong work ethic. He perseveres through his daily assignments and tasks, and makes Kings Lake campus a better place to be.



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