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Each quarter, the Corcoran Unified School District honors outstanding students from each school site with the Star Student award. Students are nominated by staff for a variety of achievements. The first awards for the 2015-2016 school year were made during last week’s regular school board meeting. Those winners included:

Emersen Garcia is a first grader at Bret Harte School. He is known to follow the school’s three expectations of being safe, respectful and responsible. In class, he follows directions, is a good team leader/player, and takes good care of technology. He is kind and helpful to his peers, works hard and carefully, and is doing very well in his academics. His teacher Mrs. Romero says he is an outstanding example of an all-around great kid and student and she is honored to have him in her class. Principal Mendoza likes that he is very responsible and respectful and that he deserves the recognition of STAR student.

Fremont second grader Eliott Membrila Avalos was less than enthused to return to doing schoolwork this year, but is now completing all assignments, volunteering in class and helping his classmates on iPads. His teacher, Mrs. Perryman, says that his entire attitude about school has really changed. He is working hard to get to grade level, but with his much-improved outlook he can do it. Principal Ochoa added that Eliott is a great example of a student having a growth mindset. He is confident that Eliott will continue to make great strides in his learning because of his positive outlook and his willingness to learn and help others.

Brianna Nieto Montoya has two teachers at Mark Twain School. Her Language Arts teacher Mrs. Gamble said Brianna was chosen for this honor because she arrives to school every day ready and eager to learn. She is generous with her time and energy and is an excellent role model to all those around her, students and adults alike. She can be trusted to complete her work with minimal supervision. Mrs. Christie, her Math/Science teacher, states that Brianna is eager to learn each and every day. She can be counted on to follow all the Eagle Expectations and is a great example to all her peers. Principal Anderson adds that she demonstrates what a great student should do every day.

Jocelyn Delgadillo was nominated for John Muir Middle School STAR student by her Future Business Leaders of America advisor Mrs. Leal. She says Jocelyn is not only one of her high achieving math students, but as FBLA president she is responsible for club management, morale and helping Mrs. Leal organize the club’s activities. Social Studies teacher Mr. Brown says Jocelyn is a hardworking student who asks great questions and is a pleasure to have in class. Vice Principal Archer says she is a fabulous young lady who is always a pleasure to be around and that her positive attitude is contagious. She leads by cultivating a team mentally. Principal Whitmore adds that Jocelyn shows amazing respect and caring for her classmates and is a real benefit to the campus.

CHS Junior Lovechia Jones demonstrates the epitome of what it takes to be a role model for the District, says Learning Director Larkin. She continues to perform at an extraordinary level with her academic progress, while also participating in a multitude of extra-curricular activities. Her athletic involvement includes volleyball, basketball and track. In addition, she has also been in ASB and Debate clubs, plus is a CSF student – all this while maintaining a 3.83 GPA. While still exploring career options, one that is appealing to her is becoming a Special Education teacher. Mr. Larkin adds that no matter what Lovechia chooses to do with her life, he is certain that she will nurture the vulnerable, be an excellent role model, find success and enjoy a wealth of happiness throughout adulthood. Principal Stone appreciates that Lovechia is a hardworking student who is very involved in school and is a great role model. She says CHS is extremely proud of her.

Mission Community Day School teacher Mr. Santos chose eighth grader Jair Garcia to represent Kings Lake campus because he is helpful and a well-focused student. Mr. Santos says Jair should be commended for his ability to work well and finish his academic assignments in class. He comes to class prepared and ready to help others with technical support or in getting them back on track when they start to become disruptive in class. His behavior has improved and he is taking more responsibility for his actions. Director Airheart states he has missed only one day of school this year and that Jair has a positive impact on King Lake’s campus culture as he helps to create a safe and productive learning environment.


This article was submitted to the Corcoran Journal and written by Donnetta Murray.




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