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Corcoran Unified School District recently honored its Star Students for the third quarter. Each of the district’s six campuses nominates a Star Student, based on leadership, citizenship, personal courage, academic performance and other positive factors. Each of the students has been a stand-out on campus. They include:

Judith Lazcano-Aguilar, a first grader at Bret Harte, started the year with a bit of a language barrier as an English learner, but she did not let that stop her! Through her perseverance and dedication to her schoolwork, she has gone from being barely able to write a sentence to writing stories with complete sentences and interesting details. Her attitude portrays the attributes of a “respectful” Bret Harte Bear Hugger for she is always kind to others, makes responsible choices and listens to adults on campus.


Steven Amador is an outstanding second grade student at John C. Fremont who enjoys doing research on every theme the class studies. He is an excellent writer, participates in class and prefers to read chapter books, which helped him perform very well in all the assessments with scores over 90%. He helps his classmates with their assignments. Steven is inquisitive, hard working, helpful and dedicated to learning. Principal Ed Ochoa says he exemplifies the characteristics that Fremont wants to develop in all its students.


Brandi Valdez has two fifth grade teachers at Mark Twain. Both noted that she is a hard worker who goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She is very encouraging and willing to help anyone who is struggling in her class. She enjoys her position of Vice President on Student Council and has been very good at promoting school spirit. She recently won the Kings County Spelling Bee for 5th grade and will be competing at the state level this month. Principal Anderson states that she demonstrates what a great student and citizen should do every day.


Yovany Del Angel, 8th grade, is said to be an exemplary student who has grown into a leader for John Muir Middle School. He is respectful to his peers and staff, trustworthy and an honest student who enjoys Math. Yovany is known to be hardworking and willing to help his peers. He is captain of the soccer team and is looking forward to attending a university with aspirations of becoming a pro soccer player and a scientist. Mr. Spencer states that Yovany is an example of learning how to grow and mature, and how to handle things in a positive way.


Senior Nathalie Ramirez has grown into an extraordinarily positive role model on the high school’s campus, where she serves as a Peer Mentor. She excels with her academic requirements and has been taking C.O.S. English courses at CHS. She is a student of four languages, including Japanese and Korean, with the goal of one day having a career in language translation services for hospitals. While Nathalie struggles somewhat with her mobility, she maintains a positive demeanor who never displays any discontent with difficulties. Learning Director Ed Larkin says that she demonstrates courage and strength of character daily and that she inspires him.


Ruby Azua, a senior at Kings Lake Continuation High School, has displayed stellar attendance, a positive attitude, a commitment to excellence and a conscientious academic effort. Her teacher Mrs. Spencer says she comes to class every day bound and determined to do her best, showing up every day regardless of personal challenges. She is fun, happy, kind, strong, smart and respectful. She sets the bar at a higher percentage for herself because she wants to take pride in her academic success. She is a leader in the classroom who sets the tone for her fellow students and they look up to her. Mr. Airheart says that her smile and positive attitude help to create an encouraging and caring environment in her classroom and on campus.


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