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It is with heavy hearts, but happy souls, that we have gained our own personal guardian angel. Nancy Diane “Hannie” Spencer has gone home on February 9th, 2015.

She is a beloved Sister, Aunt, Mother, Grandmother, Great Aunt, Great Great Aunt and friend to many. She finally lost a long battle with cancer. Her fight was brave and graceful, but her life was not defined by her illnesses. She gave strength to all that surrounded her. Always putting others before herself until the very end.


Diane was born on July 22, 1953 in Okemah, Oklahoma to James and Frances Spencer, who have both preceded her in death, along with her older brother Bobby, who welcomed her home into heaven with joyful loving arms. She was the youngest of seven children, who moved to Corcoran, California when she was a young child. Her fondest memories growing up where listening to her mother play harmonica and banjo, waiting for her daddy to come home and say “Hey Sis” with a hug, holidays with family, with all the delicious food that was prepared with love, and being doted on by her older sisters; because she was the baby. In school, she was a majorette, fell in love with the quarterback, whom she married and had two children. Her first child was a daughter Trina, followed by a son Kelly, and she loved them deeply.


Diane worked for Hein Ranch Company for nearly thirty years as an accomplished bookkeeper. She also worked a second job as a checker at Foods Co. Grocery to provide for her family. Diane was always about family. Whether blood related, of an “orphan” friend off the street, she always put others needs before her own. As her family grew, with four grandchildren, her ability to nurture grew as well. She always had a word of wisdom to impart. If the world heeded more of Diane’s wisdom, it would be a far better world.


Diane loved to travel. Whether it be to nearby beaches and mountains, taking grandchildren to Washington DC, visiting in-laws in New York, or going on cruises. She was also blessed with a trip from Hein Ranch to her families homeland in England, Ireland, and Scotland. In all the world, her favorite place was at home with her family. She was never happier than making any occasion special for her loved ones; whether holidays, birthdays, or a weekend. The silliest of occasions she made special.


What she truly lived for, were her grandchildren. Ashley, Allison, Andrea, Cadence and granddaughter of heart Christen. She loved them to the moon and back. While working two jobs and dealing with health issues, she attended nearly every award, sport, and school function possible. She was the Matron of Tea Parties. She was more than a grandmother, she was a second mom, and loved them to the deepest parts of her soul.


Diane is survived by five wonderful sisters; Jody, Jane, Ethel, Carolyn, and Paula. She is also survived by her daughter Trina, son Kelly, son-in law Larry, granddaughters Ashley, Allison, Andrea, Cadence, Christen and Lorrelei daughter of heart and mother Cadence. Her memorial service was held at Salser and Dillard Funeral Chapel, on Saturday February 21, 2015 at 2 PM, located at 127 East Caldwell Ave, Visalia, CA. Any donations can be made to Kaweah Delta Hospice, which we are forever grateful, and in lieu of flowers, please send potted plants, as we are creating a Hannie Garden for her granddaughters. Diane “Hannie” you will be missed, we love you to the moon and back.


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