1040 Whitley Ave., Corcoran CA 93212   |   Phone: (559) 992-3115

Adventist Health /Community Care – Corcoran East welcomes Dr. Charles Wynn, who’s been providing chiropractic care in Hanford for 50 years.

Dr. Wynn was a Kings County Sheriff Reserve for 24 years. He was introduced to the chiropractic field by his father’s law enforcement partner, who was taking night classes to become a chiropractor.


“He told me, ‘Charlie, you gotta get into this,’ so I did,” says Dr. Wynn. “I love the contact with the patient and the results you get afterward when you make someone feel better. It’s great!”


Dr. Wynn graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles.


He belongs to the Kings County Sheriff’s Posse, United States Marshall’s Posse, Rotary International, Hanford Chamber of Commerce, Knights of Columbus, American Chiropractic Association, California Chiropractic Association and Central Valley Chiropractic Society.


Dr. Wynn may be reached at AHCC-Corcoran East, 1310 Hanna Ave or by calling 992-8200.


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