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Chris Flores of Corcoran and former Corcoran resident Joel Robles both traveled to Ohio last month to compete in the Obstacle Racing World Championships, which was held at the Mid, Guts and Glory Course in Oregonia, Ohio, just outside of Cincinnatti.

The duo had to qualify to even be invited to participate in the World Championships. Both qualified in a race held in June in Monterey Bay. At the World Championships, 250 contestants qualified nationwide and Flores placed 20th with a time of 2:30:04 and Robles was right behind him in 21st place in their age division.

Obstacle Racing, according to Flores, is a foot race that includes various obstacles including monkey bars, 50 pound weight carry, barbwire crawl, climbing a 10 foot wall, just to name a few.

“Every race is different.” Flores said. “They have their own obstacles.”

Flores, who works at Leprino, does obstacle course racing as his hobby. He said when he did his first race he was hooked.

“Speed, strength, agility and endurance play a key role. It isn’t something you have, it’s something you build up and unleash on race day,” Flores added.

Flores is already pre-registered for the 2016 race and will continues to race throughout the year. He is currently preparing for a race in Temecula in December.

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