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History of town in photos: Meik earns Eagle Scout badge for long-ranging community project

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Written by Jeanette Todd

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Morgan Meik’s Eagle Scout project has provided an opportunity for the entire community to celebrate the history of Corcoran.

For well over a year, Meik worked to compile historical photos of the community, in hopes of providing a digital album people could purchase. He soon found out, however, that the project had a life of its own: he ended up with multiple albums, tons of photos depicting decades of progress, that are now posted on the City of Corcoran website.


He made a presentation of his project at Monday’s city council meeting. In order to access the photo gallery, he noted, a person needs only to go to the city website, click on the photo gallery icon at the lower left side of the home page, then click the historical photos line on the next page.


What unfolds is a decade by decade photographical history of the growing community of Corcoran.


Those who peruse the photos can even print out a selection. And users of flickr can leave comments. Size of the photos can be manipulated to any size desired. For instance, if a person wanted to make a canvas reproduction of a specific photo, an enlargement size can be accommodated.


Meik said he learned a lot while he was working on his project.


“I found that there is such a deep community spirit here,” he told the council. “I loved learning about Corcoran history and came to understand the pride people have in their community.”


It’s also a project that will continue: the gallery is set up in such a way that it can be continually enlarged. New photos can be added as time goes by.


While this is great news for the community, it also worked out well for Meik. Just before the school year started, he learned he had received his Eagle Scout ranking. A court of honor at which the badge will be bestowed should take place in the next couple of months.




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