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Jack Bartlett

Thursday, 06 June 2019 22:35 Written by 

Jack was the youngest of three children of Edwin and Juanita Bartlett. He grew up in Hale Avenue (1006), next door to The Corcoran Journal office.
He was preceded in death by his sister, Phyllis and brother, Stuart.
Jack attended Corcoran High School, except for his senior year when he went to Ballarmine College Prep in San Jose. He went on to graduate from Santa Clara University in 1951.
Jack met his wife, Patricia McErlane when she visited Corcoran in the 1940’s. They married and had 10 children. After retiring from a career in auto financing, jack volunteered for Habitat for Humanity where he help build houses in approximately 40 countries.
He continued to give after his death: his skin was used for burn victims and cancer patients.

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