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Steven F. Shook

Tuesday, 28 April 2020 20:40 Written by 

During Steven’s growing up years he had to put up with 3 sisters - Merrilee, Allison and Martha. As time passed, he became very fond of his sisters as his sisters were fond of him. After he retired from AirGas he moved to Boise, ID to be close to his sisters and their families. 
Steven’s career work gave him the opportunity to meet a variety of people and work alongside individuals he respected and cared about. Steven was conscientious about the work he did and always strived to do his job with excellence and integrity. Steven was a valued colleague with those he worked with. He was considered a man of integrity, professional and kind. He genuinely wanted his colleagues to be successful. 
While living in San Leandro, CA Steven volunteered to teach English as Second Language. He had wonderful memories of the students he taught and loved watching them grow in their use of English. 
Uncle Steven is remembered by his nieces and nephews, grand nieces and nephews as a playful tease. He was exceedingly generous and kind. He loved to spoil the kids and make them feel special. Uncle Steven checked in regularly on how the kids were doing. He was a wonderful uncle. 
Steven cared deeply for his mom, Alberta, and sisters. He always saw family in a positive light and was really interested in the daily life of his family. He was generous to a fault. Steve acquired many hobbies through the years. He loved the challenge of working on his computer and working with different software programs. He loved to cook and had many cooking toys to supplement this interest and when he retired he became licensed to fly drones. 
Steven is loved and missed by his family-sisters Merrilee Nowlin (Roy), Allison Cammann (Pat) and Martha Ekhoff. His nieces and nephews-Chris Cammann (Jessica), Erin Norvell (JR), Jeff Cammann (Susanna), Jamee Nowlin (Brian), Julie Ekhoff, Josh Ekhoff (Rheanne), Allison Adams (Brand) and Stephen Ekhoff. His grand nieces and nephews-Cooper, Gracie, Tucker, Jordan, Austin, Cora, Amelia, Oliver, Addy, Silas, Archer and Sylvie. 
We miss you Steven - We’ll call you when we get home.

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Tina Botill

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