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Gloria Harbuck Scott

Wednesday, 15 July 2020 21:28 Written by 
Gloria Harbuck Scott Gloria Harbuck Scott

Gloria was born Sept 17 1935 in Corcoran, CA to W.R. and Jessie Harbuck. Gloria was born Sept 17 1935 in Corcoran, CA to W.R. and Jessie Harbuck. She graduated from Corcoran High School in 1953 from which she learned and proudly carried a lifelong love of Home Economics. She moved to San Diego in 1956 where she worked at Convair Aeronautics for 3 years. In 1957 she met her husband Arthur Scott and in 1960 they married and raised their son Shannon and daughter Shelli Scott, in San Diego where she spent the rest of her life. Ever the selfless, dedicated and energetic mother and housekeeper, her home and everything that came from her kitchen were a great source of pride just as it was with her mother Jessie Harbuck. From dad and their circle of friends she picked up a love of camping and being in the outdoors which was to continue her entire life, RV camping across the Western US. Her other great passion was caring for her ever present dogs, as well as being the best friend to every dog, cat and horse that she ever met.  To the end she was a force of nature with her ever present happiness, energy and laughter.  Mom will continue to live in the hearts of all that loved her and whose many lives she touched.

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