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Starting this week, the Corcoran Journal will be offering local subscribers more bang for their buck.
In partnership with the Kings County daily newspaper, the Hanford Sentinel, the local newspaper will be including wend service of The Sentinel free to local subscribers, The weekend edition contains several sales inserts.
The newspaper will also come a day earlier to local subscribers, The agreement also calls for The Sentinel to deliver The Journal each week. The local newspaper will arrive at subscriber homes Wednesday afternoon by 5 p.m.
Unfortunately, there will be a few exceptions.

A handful of rural route subscribers will still receive their newspaper in the mail–that will be a Thursday delivery. Less than half a dozen who have post office boxes will continue to get the paper by mail, since The Journal does not have a physical address to which it can deliver.
If possible, The Journal will switch those post office box deliveries to home delivery. Those who still receive the paper by mail after this week should contact The Journal if they would prefer home delivery.
Subscribers should also call if they have specific site delivery requests. For those who may be handicapped or prefer a certain delivery site on their property, the newspaper will attempt to fill those preferences.
The Journal is also working with the Hanford Sentinel to provide services for display advertisers. Businesses who would like to advertise in The Sentinel can place their ads through The Journal, without making the trip to Hanford. Likewise, Hanford businesses can contact The Sentinel to get their display ads in the local paper.
Advertisers will still pay the Sentinel rate for ads placed in Corcoran for the Hanford newspaper.
Local advertisers who would like to take advantage of this service can contact Rob Atilano at The Journal at 992-3115.
We are pleased to offer our subscribers these new services,” noted Jeanette Todd, editor of The Journal. “We have been working with The Sentinel for several months to put this plan in place and are happy with the new partnership.”
For more information, or to subscribe to the Journal, contact the newspaper office at 992-3115.

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