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Kellie and Fred Gibby of VTP Enterprises have come to the rescue of the Corcoran Police Department and its K-9 program.

The department has used narcotic detection canines as part of its program for the past 13 years, and Ollie is the current K-9 in charge. Unfortunately, it was discovered last year that Ollie is suffering from arthritis, which is impairing his ability and will necessitate his retirement.


After hearing about this situation, the Gibbys offered to conduct a fundraiser for the local department’s K-9 program in an effort to replace Ollie. The couple, who own and operate several Jack in the Box stores in the Central Valley, conducted a two-week donation drive at all of their stores to help pay for a new dog for the department.


Last week, the Gibbys held a K-9 demonstration at their Farmersville restaurant and presented a check for over $16,000 to Chief Reuben Shortnacy as the culmination of the fundraiser. The donation will allow the police department to purchase and train a new K-9 with no impact on the current budget.


“We are very grateful to the Gibby family for their generous donation and we are glad that we will be able to continue to provide the service of a K-9 to the local community,” noted Shortnacy.


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