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Kitchen to retire; Trujillo to take over

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Written by Tina Botill


After almost 50 years in the grocery business and 37 years in Corcoran Allan Kitchen, store director at Cost Less Food Company is retiring. His last day will be Friday, June 26.

“I want to thank all the people in Corcoran because they made me feel like a Corcoranite,” Kitchen said.


Allan has been in Corcoran since 1978 when the local grocery store was Safeway. He remained as store director through the opening of Farm Boy grocery store, Scolari’s and Best Deal, which is Cost Less Food Company.


He began his first day in the grocery business March 12, 1966.


Kitchen has left the store in good hands—Corcoran resident Danny Trujillo will take over as store director and his grocery manager position will be filled by another local—Kevin Flaherty.


“I want to thank Allan for teaching me about the grocery business,” noted Trujillo.


Danny added that he and Kitchen have been working together since 1978.


Kitchen said his retirement will consist of spending time with his wife of 47 years, Miki, his daughters Terri and Mindi and their husbands and his grandchildren. His granddaughter just received a scholarship to play volleyball at Fresno State so Kitchen said they will definitely be busy watching games. He has a grandson who will going to college and a 10 and eight year old, grandson and granddaughter who will also occupy his time.


Corcoran residents are welcome to stop by the store and give their good wishes and goodbyes to Kitchen while welcoming Trujillo and Flaherty into their new positions.


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