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Larry Ronk III joins city staff

Featured News | 0 comments

Written by Tina Botill

Larry Ronk III

Larry Ronk III has joined the City of Corcoran staff serving as the new Code Enforcement Officer and Building Inspector.

Ronk is from Delano and received his certifications last year. He studied at Cal State Bakersfield and chose to enter this field because his mother was a building inspector and plans examiner.

“She got me into this field,” Ronk said.

His biggest goal in his new post he said is to let Corcoran residents know he is available to them and has an open door policy.

“I want to work with the residents,” Ronk added. “I’m trying to beautify the city, their property and make the city nicer for all areas of town. If they have any questions or concerns I want them to call me. And if I don’t know the answer I will find the answer for them.”

Working together with Corcoran residents is Ronk’s main objective. Ronk has filled the Code Enforcement Officer position which had been left vacant for the last five years. Over that time, code enforcement was being handled by Community Development Director Kevin Tromborg and his assistant Josephine in the time they had available to address code enforcement issues. However, now Ronk will be on the job full-time. Code enforcement covers property maintenance; parking on the lawn; weed abatement; vehicle abatement; trash cans left out in public view after garbage collection; no hot or cold running water; excessive yard sale and illegal yard sale signs; recreational vehicle (RV) as living space; Raising or breeding of livestock animals in a residential zone; illegal placement of fences; watering on non-scheduled day/time; and sub-standard buildings, vacant, dangerous and rundown structures.

As building inspector Ronk will also oversee the safety in the construction and maintenance of buildings and structures, and the maintenance of property through the enforcement of California Title 24 Building Codes, California Uniform Housing Code, California Title 24 Energy Standards, regulations and ordinances.

Anyone who needs more information on code enforcement or building issues can call Ronk at 992-2151 extension 227.

“If residents have questions or concerns call me. I try to get back to people that same day or early the next day,” Ronk said. “I also want them to know my door is always open.”

When he’s not at work, Ronk loves to attend baseball games and the Los Angeles Dodgers are his favorite team. He also likes to spend time at home barbecuing with his friends and family which includes his fiancée Neyra Pimental and two children, soon to be three—the couple is expecting a child in April.

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