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County school board association, local police department host events

Corcoran’s new Technology Learning Center (TLC) was showcased twice in the past week, allowing visitors to share in the innovative facility that has become a highlight for the Corcoran Unified School District and the City of Corcoran.

Friday, the school district hosted the annual Kings County School Boards Association dinner, with special guest Frank Pugh, who is the new president of the California School Boards Association. He toured the facility and two Corcoran schools earlier in the day and made plans to visit additional Kings County schools before leaving the area.

Tuesday, an all-day training in the TLC was hosted by the Corcoran Police Department. About 100 law enforcement and school officials from throughout the San Joaquin Valley attended the seminar, with presenter Phil Chalmers, one of the country’s leading authority’s on juvenile crime, going Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer. There to learn the warning signs of indicators of potential teen violence were school resource officers, psychologists, probation department personnel, school officials and police officers.

ll were impressed by the facility and its flexibility. Pugh, who is a school board member in Santa Rosa, helps govern a district with 27 schools.

“We have nothing that compares to this learning center,” he stated.

Dinner was hosted with help from the school district’s cafeteria department, utilizing the facility’s commercial kitchen. Serving up 84 meals was easily accomplished in the main room of the TLC, which can accommodate up to 800 people—and can be divided in up to four rooms that can seat 200 people each. For dinner, 200 can be comfortably served.

Half the space was used Tuesday, when Chalmers addressed about 100 individuals. They were able to follow his presentation on two huge screens—or could view the seminar on a pair of smaller plasma screens.

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