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After 30 years working at the local bank Rosemary Luna Lerma has retired. Lerma’s last day was June 30 and she says that although she was ready to retire she will miss seeing her customers.
Rosemary started working at the bank in September of 1991. She began as bank teller, and was then the merchant teller as well as the drive-up teller. She was also in new accounts for a short time but then was promoted to Universal Teller which does a little bit of everything.
Rosemary said she woke up one day and said she wasn’t going to wait until 65 to retire. She was done. She chose June 30 as her last day and she added that that date came fast.
“I want to spend time with my grandkids and do my own thing now and enjoy life,” she said.
Rosemary has four grandkids–three grandsons ages 22, 20 and 12 and one six year-old granddaughter.
I want to take it easy and do my own thing too,” Rosemary noted. “So many things have happened–too many changes. A lot of my friends have passed away and they were young. I thought this is long enough for me.”
After reminiscing about those changes, which include different banks like Sanwa Bank, United California and Bank of the West Rosemary added that there are more changes in store for the local institution. Starting the new year, January 2023, the bank will no longer be Bank of the West but Bank of Montreal.
No more work changes for Rosemary but personal life changes are welcomed. Lerma said she was ready to travel and has big plans through next year. She says she will travel to Utah to visit her comadre who she hasn’t seen in six years. She will also take a short trip to Sacramento to visit her cousin. Her cousin has a home in France and both ladies are planning a big trip there next year.
“I have never traveled anywhere like that before. I’m excited. I also want to go to Hawaii,” Lerma commented.
Rosemary was born and raised in Corcoran and is a 1977 graduate of Corcoran High School. In fact, the class will host their 40th reunion in September. Lerma is on the reunion committee and is looking forward to attending the event.
And while there a lot of exciting things coming her way, Lerma says she is definitely going to miss working at the bank. She said she will miss her co-workers and most of all her customers. The customers she has interacted with over the past 30 years.
“I’m going to miss my older customers. The ones I’ve known since 1991. I know their routine, and what they need. I will miss helping them,” Rosemary added. “The bank is like my second home. I’m going to miss it. We’ll see how retirement goes. I want to tell my customers that I’m going to miss them and I thank them too for being such loyal long time customers.”
However, Rosemary said she knows her customers will be well taken care of by her co-workers.
After her celebrations with family, friends and co-workers and sleeping in on the first day of her retirement Rosemary said she’s will tackle home projects like painting and she has already started to remodel her bathroom.
She said sometime she starts projects and doesn’t finish but she will have plenty of time in retirement to complete any projects she starts. Also part of her retirement plans is enjoying time with her daughters and family.
“I want to enjoy that time I have left,” Rosemary said.

Rosemary Luna Lerma

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