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Corcoran has been experiencing a spike in thefts, many from unlocked vehicles—but also residential burglaries and thefts of vehicles themselves.

Chief of Police Reuben Shortnacy said many of the vehicles are being recovered outside the area.

“Although we have made several arrests over recent months, we believe this trend may continue, as it is not a ingle group that is responsible,” said Chief Shortnacy. He said the department attributes the increase in thefts on the economy, along with the limited jail time being served by criminals as a result of jail overcrowding.

“In coming months, we could see more of this with early prisoner releases and modifications to parole,” Shortnacy added.

He urged community members to keep their vehicles locked and when possible, parked in well-lit areas. Valuables should be removed from plain view. Other tips include:

  • When planning on being away from home for an extended period of time, have someone keep an eye on the home, removing newspapers and mail. Residents can also contact the Corcoran Police Department and officers will know to keep closer watch on the home.
  • Citizens need to be good witnesses. When residents see something or someone that is suspicious, call the police department.
  • Vehicle license plate numbers, vehicle descriptions and clothing descriptions of suspicious people is helpful.
  • Be careful not to leave things with bank/credit account information or other identifying information in vehicles. Many thieves will break into vehicles to locate such information with identity theft in mind.
  • Report suspicious information to the police department anonymously by calling the confidential crime line at 992-3591.

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