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Corcoran is a small farming community located off Highway 43, fifty miles south of Fresno and sixty miles north of Bakersfield. The community proper has a population of approximately 14,000 residents; additional 3,000 Corcoran residents live in the Surrounding Kings County fringe.

The economic base is agricultural, but has been expanding to include more diverse industry. The community is home to California State Prison-Corcoran (CSP-C) and CSP-SATF a second prison, the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility each employing 1,500 people, many of whom make their homes here.

The city’s general plan was recently updated to create more industrial-zone space and to prepare for future growth.
Although Corcoran is a small community, the per capita income is higher than any other community in Kings County. Corcoran is the California ranching headquarters for the J.G. Boswell Company, the largest farming operation in the United States. The Boswell Company is the largest private-sector employer in the community.

Although per capita income is high, the small, rural atmosphere of the community requires that many residents take care of shopping needs outside the city. Corcoran has one large grocery store, Cost Less Foods, as well as one new-car retain automobile business, Richard’s Chevrolet. There are few specialty shops.

Most Corcoran residents have to commute to do their shopping in Hanford, Visalia and Tulare attract most local consumers, and some travel as far as Fresno and Bakersfield to do their shopping.

The Corcoran Journal has been in business since 1908 – before the city even incorporated. We are a community newspaper, covering only those subjects of local interest. We circulate approximately 2,100 newspapers a week throughout the community, totally saturating the city and surrounding county fringe.

Tina Botill, Managing Editor