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Man vs. Torta? Looking for a challenge this summer? Napoles has one for the books—the Fat Mike’s Cadillac Challenge.

The massive food challenge was born when a group of friends walked into Napoles, home of the original Torta Burger, and one asked for a double torta burger. His friends said I want the triple torta burger. And not to be outdone the third friend ordered a quadruple torta burger.


“That’s when the challenge was born,” said Rick Medina, owner and operator of Napoles. “People have tried it but they cannot complete it.”


The challenge which has only been completed by Fat Mike of Corcoran is a big one.


The torta burger in the challenge includes five torta burger patties, three servings of ham, six slices of bacon, eight slices of cheese as well as lettuce, tomatoes, grilled onions, jalapenos, mustard and mayo. Not only do those who try the challenge have to consume the massive torta burger which weighs 3.5 pounds they must also eat one pound of fries. All 4.5 pounds of food must be eaten within 10 minutes. The prize for completing the challenge? Those who do finish the food in 10 minutes will receive a free t-shirt, do not have to pay for the food and will be able to rename the challenge. Those who attempt the challenge but cannot complete it will have to pay the $15.95 price tag.


Napoles is located at 2590 Whitley Avenue behind the mini-mart portion of the store. For more information call the store at 992-3983.


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