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Jul 25, 2016 | Featured News | 0 comments

New Kings County Grand Jury installed

Featured News | 0 comments

Written by Jeanette Todd


A new Kings County Grand Jury has been installed. The new panel was sworn in July 8 by Superior Court Judge Thomas DeSantos.

The California constitution requires each county to establish a grand jury made up of 19 citizens. The responsibilities of the grand jury fall into two categories:
–The grand jury has powers and duties with respect to the oversight of public offices, officers and transactions, especially in connection with examinations and reports. County and special district agencies that serve Kings County are routinely reviewed and critiqued by the grand jury in its annual and interim reports.
–The grand jury has powers and duties with respect to inquiry into possible public offenses, misconduct in office by public officers and may determine whether to return indictments charging the commission of felonies.
The 2016-17 grand jury includes the following county residents: Foreperson Wyleen Luoma, Robert Allred, Kathy Clendaniel, Sidney Craighead, Garry Curtis, Clara Holguin, Patricia Keverline, Edward Luena, James Marx, Mack Mathis, Norma McFadden, Wilnetta McGraw, Calvin Meeks, Cheryl Rocha, Kevin Scott, Elizabeth Sutton, Charles Valentine and Richard Williams.

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