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Six candidates are seeking a total of two seats open in the November city council election. This week and in upcoming weeks, The Journal will provide a closer look at the three men and three women running for the four-year terms. This week, Shea DeVaney and Pat Nolan are profiled.

Pat Nolan has made Corcoran her home for the past 16 years, but has been visiting the community for 45 years. She and husband Art, who grew up in Corcoran, devote much of their energy to veterans’ affairs.
Nolan, 66, is retired, spending her adult life working for the Fresno Police Department and the U.S. Post Office. She’s an Edison High graduate, along with seven of her 10 siblings.
She is a huge fan of Corcoran.
“I think Corcoran is a great city with good people. I care so much about this community,” she said.
That attitude led to her to become a candidate for council, she added. She said there are needs to be met and she wants to help. Health care is an issue that interests her, and she would like to see that improved for local residents.
“I take people to doctor appointments all the time and to the emergency room,” she noted. “We need compassionate doctors here to take care of our people.”
As an active community volunteer, Nolan also runs the food bank program for the First United Methodist Church and helps counsel narcotics and alcohol abuse clients.
In her spare time, she still enjoys quilting and sewing; she is always also cooking, especially for veteran fundraisers.
She and Art share six children, all grown.
At 26, Shea DeVaney is the youngest candidate in the race. He’s lived in Corcoran for the past three years, but family ties have brought him to the community most of his life.
He graduated from Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo before earning a plant science degree from Fresno State. He works as an agronomist for the J.G. Boswell Company.
An issues-oriented candidate, DeVaney has been attending city council meetings to improve his understanding of council business. He said he wants to be involved in the community and thought serving on the council would be an appropriate step.
DeVaney described himself as opposed to tax increases, an ardent supporter of public safety and someone who is interested in the overall health and well-being of the community.
“I would like to see everyone talking to one another,” he stated. “I think it’s important for people to be involved and informed.”
Some type of center and/or program that could draw people in to Corcoran would be issues to pursue. A strong farmer’s market might work and the great local sports programs could be expanded to welcome residents from surrounding areas.
“I think my favorite thing about Corcoran is that it’s a strong community rooted in family, and I would like more people to be able to experience that,” he said.
When he’s not working, Shea likes to snowboard and participate in outdoor activities and physical fitness programs.

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