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Local residents are in for some good news and bad news when it comes to water conservation. Most of it is bad news, so here’s the good: the City of Corcoran has been under state mandate to cut back water use by 36 percent overall. However, since the city has done well, and since there was considerable rainfall this winter, that mandate has been reduced to 32 percent.

The bad news is, since the El Nino didn’t really produce enough rain and snow to end the state’s worst drought, mandatory conservation will continue, at least until October. That means limited outdoor watering schedules are still in place and people need to continue to conserve water in other areas.
The city council is slated to consider the summer watering schedule during its meeting next week. For now, the one day per week watering schedule is still in place.
That outdoor watering schedule calls for residences with even number addresses (like 1516) to only water lawns and landscaping each Sunday; those with odd numbers (1517) can water Saturday. Multi-family complexes and churches are allowed to water Wednesday. Commercial properties ending in even numbers can water Wednesday and commercial properties with addresses ending in an odd number can water Tuesday.
During a previous council meeting when the issue was discussed, the city anticipated keeping the one-day per week schedule through June. With the state requirement reduced somewhat, the city may implement two-day a week watering before July.
With water use expected to spike with the warmer weather, here are some additional water saving tips:
–Only run washing machines when there is a full load;
–Check all leaky faucets;
–Only fill bath tubs half-full or less;
–Don’t run the water while brushing teeth;
–Take shorter showers;
–Use “gray” water to water plants. Gray water is saved from the bath or shower.
–Wash cars only with a nozzle attached to the hose to limit water waste; and
–Limit the amount of time watering lawns.

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