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Corcoran police worked with the Kings County Sheriff’s Department in the arrest of a local man accused of sexual assault and other charges.

According to a sheriff’s department news release, Salvador Rangel Navarette, 38, was arrested after an investigation was concluded by the two law enforcement agencies. According to the sheriff’s deparment, Navarette allegedly forced the female victim into a vehicle on the night of Thursday June 11, then drove to a remote county area outside Corcoran where he physically assaulted her.


At some later time, he drove the victim back to her residence, where she said she was sexually assaulted.


A few hours after the victim reported the incident, Navarette was taken into custody at the residence, which the sheriff’s department said the woman sometimes shared with Navarette during an on-again, off-again relationship.


The woman suffered minor injuries, including contusions, but did not need hospitalization.


Navarette was transported to the Kings County Jail in Hanford, where he was booked on charges of rape, kidnapping, false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon.


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