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There’s a phone scam in play in Kings County. Beginning May 1, the Kings County Sheriff’s Department started receiving calls from concerned citizens regarding a scam allegedly involving the department.

The caller identifies himself as a ranking member of the sheriff’s department and informs the person who has been called that he or she has missed jury duty. The caller threatens to put out a bench warrant for their arrest.


The male caller attempts to elicit credit card numbers from the potential victims in order to resolve the issuance of the bench warrant. The fictitious caller also attempts to record the conversation, no doubt to record any identifying information given over the phone. During some of these harassing calls, the caller claims there are members of the sheriff’s office parked near the victim’s house—ready to make the arrest if payment is not made.


According to the sheriff’s department, several of the unsuspecting receivers of these phone calls indicate the male representing himself as a member of the Kings County Sheriff’s Department sounds very legitimate and convincing. The fictitious caller has used the name Jerry Nelson, Sgt. Charles Fletcher and even makes reference to names of fictitious judges issuing the warrants.


The Kings County Sheriff’s Office does not solicit monies or payments over the phone for any services rendered by the sheriff’s office. This is an ongoing scam and the sheriff’s department urges those who may have fallen victim to this scame to contact Det. Weiner at 559-582-3211, extension 2804.


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