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Dec 7, 2015 | News Archives | 0 comments

Proposed intiative to direct HSR funds towards water projects

News Archives | 0 comments

Written by Jeanette Todd

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In advance of the start of a signature-gathering campaign, California voters can now visit a new website to learn more about a proposed initiative that seeks to redirect funding of high speed rail to water infrastructure projects aimed at fixing the state’s chronic drought crisis.


The site was announced by the California Water Alliance.


“The site shows Californians how they can help take back their water through the initiative process and participate in moving the measure along,” said Aubrey Bettencourt, executive director of CalWA, the sponsor of the ballot initiative. “We want them to understand this issue and become involved in our upcoming signature-gathering campaign.”


The measure must collect 585,407 valid signatures of California registered voters before April 26, 2016, to qualify for the November ballot.


“We want those in favor of a secure water supply and all who believe that high speed rail is not living up to its promises the opportunity to become involved. The initiative’s website provides information, but more importantly it allows Californians to help shape our state’s future and contribute to our efforts,” said Bettencourt.


She added that the site, CaWater4All.com, lays out the measure’s five critically needed objectives:


–It puts people and food security first in uses of water by making them the top priority in California’s constitution;


–It redirects $10.8 billion previously approved by voters for high speed rail and water storage to new water facilities that will serve Californians for a lifetime,


–It puts project selection and operating decisions in the hands of elected regional water experts representing the entire state rather than leaving them to political appointees with agendas contrary to what a majority of people want or decisions and interpretations by the courts;


–It protects and preserves the Sacramento/San Joaquin river delta estuary with co-equal goals of providing a more reliable water supply for California and protecting, restoring and enhancing the Delta ecosystem;


–It creates no new debt or new tax burden on the state or on taxpayers, but it puts people and food production first.




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