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Former Corcoran resident Jared Ramirez has opened his new law practice in Tulare.

Ramirez, who was born and raised in Corcoran, graduated at just 15 years old with his GED from Corcoran High School. He went to attend Cal State Northridge where he graduated with his Bacherlor of Arts degree in Psychology. After that, he enrolled into Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles. Of the 1,000 students enrolled, only 40 were named to the school’s Scale Program, which is a two-year law program. Ramirez graduated from law school in May of 2013 and came back home to give back to his community.


Since January of 2014, Ramirez worked for the Kings County District Attorney’s office as a public defender. However, he has since opened the Law office of Jared Ramirez in Tulare where he specializes in criminal defense and personal injury.


“I felt I could better serve the community as a private attorney,” Ramirez added. “I knew I could make more of a difference.”


Ramirez continues to work as a criminal defense attorney in both Kings and Tulare counties. In a couple of years, Ramirez hopes to open up an annex office in Corcoran. Raised in Corcoran, Jared is the son of Susan and Sam Ramirez and grandson of Mary and Trini Renteria and Geri and Wayne Weatherford, all of Corcoran. Jared also recently married Alexis Mitchell, who is the granddaughter of Irma and Ruben Escamilla, also of Corcoran.


Jared gives free legal consults at his office which is located at 220 N. J Street in Tulare or for more information call 688-6000.


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